Jan Yingst

Therapist Education and Clinical AffiliationsJanYingst

Master of Physical Therapy –  Idaho State University 1993
Pediatric Clinical Specialist – 2004, renewed 2014
Southern Idaho PT
UC Davis Medical Center, Sacramento, CA
McKay Dee Medical Center / Rehabilitation Center, Ogden, UT

Continuing Education

2016 Documentation in School-Based Settings
2015 Combined Pediatric Topic Review & Family Medicine Lecture Series
2014 APTA Private Practice Section Annual Conference & Exposition
2013 APTA Conference & Exposition
2013 APTA Federal Advocacy Forum
2013 Current Trends in Pediatric Orthopedic Rehabilitation: Spine & Foot
2012 Raising the Bar: Tips to Measure & Improve the Quality for PT Practices
2012 ACL Injury Prevention
2012 APTA Private Practice Section Annual Conference
2012 Federal Advocacy Forum
2011 Pediatrics: Children are not Small Adults (APTA Conference)
2010 Sports Concussion and Return to Play
2009 Pediatric Rehab Conference: Spine, Ribs & Pelvis Manual Therapy
2009 Vestibular Rehabilitation , Dizziness, Balance & Associated Issues in PT
2009 Strength & Conditioning
2009 If you Can’t Breathe You Can’t Function
2009 Physical Therapist Clinical Performance Instrument for Students
2009 Spinal Cord Rehabilitation
2009 APTA Federal Government Affairs Forum
2009 Resources for the Pediatric Physical Therapist (APTA)
2009 Orthopedic Issues & Treatment Strategies for the Pediatric Patient
2009 Diagnostic Imaging
2009 The Female Athlete Triad
2008 APTA Annual Conference & Exposition
2008 Reimbursement Challenges in Outpatient Physical Therapy
2007 APTA Preview 2020 – Pediatric Physical Therapy Focus
2007 Current Concepts of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy
2006 Sure Step – Redefining “dynamic” orthotic
2006 Advanced Clinical Practice in Pediatric Physical Therapy
2005 Spasticity Management: Focus of Rehabilitation
2005 APTA Annual Conference & Exposition
2005 Functional Capacity Evaluation
2005 A Critical Review of Anatomy & Pathology
2005 APTA Combined Sections Meeting/Conference
2004 APTA Combined Sections Meeting/Conference
2003 Spasticity Management: Focus of Rehabilitation
2003 American Board Certification for Pediatric Specialty Completion
2002 Developmental Interventions in Neonatal Care
2002 Guide to Physical Therapy Practice: Become the Clinician You Want to Be
2002 Reimbursement for Rehabilitation Services
2002 PDMS-II A Review for Pediatric Therapists
2002 Advanced Clinical Practice in Pediatric Physical Therapy
2001 APTA Combined Sections Meeting Conference
2001 Orientation & Competency for Therapists in the Pediatric ICU
2001 Advanced Clinical Practice in Pediatric Physical Therapy
1996 Knee Biomechanics and Rehabilitation
1996 The Shoulder: A Dynamic Therapy Model
1996 Wound Care Seminar
1995 Boehme Approach to Treatment of the Baby
1995 Medical/Legal Seminar
1995 Assessment & Treatment of Spinal Dysfunction (Maitland)
1995 World Confederation for Physical Therapy Congress – APTA Conference
1995 The Symposium on Advanced Wound Care
1994 Current Trends in Neuro-Developmental Treatment of the Baby
1993 Radiology for Physical Therapists